What is Na-La?
Na-La is a one-stop shop that ties your outfit together. It satisfies your individual and creative needs.

We live in a world where culture is all being mixed up and where people are unsure of who they are and striving to be what society tells them to be. Consequently, this has an impact on people’s self-esteem, identity and development of self. Na-La aims at helping people tie it all together. This tagline has several meanings; the main is to support individuals to create themselves and feel good in flaunting their style.

There is a huge demand for Na-La to exist, as it makes life simple in the busy society we are living in, by allowing people to shop in one place. It is for those organised shoppers and also the last minute shoppers.

Where was the name Na-La inspired from?
Na-La is similar to a simple rope and it is used predominantly in Asian clothing to hold your outfit together. For example when a sari is worn you first wear the under garment which you tie using a Na-La

How it works?
The idea behind Na-La is to be creative and inspire you with your clothing by bringing the Western and South Asian clothing together on one platform. This allows individuals to mix and match items to create a unique and stylish outfit. We want to bring quality beautiful items away from a throw away society, letting people browse, buy and sell items.
So upload your items today, or why not buy something you had your eye on? It is free to upload and Na-La will take 15% off any item that has been purchased. 10% of this will go to a mental health charity.

Happy Shopping!

Remember, be happy and always add a smile to enhance your everyday look.